5 Reasons Aerohive Offers The Best Wi-Fi Solution For Higher Education


We are excited to be at the Bett Show this week talking to new customers about our enterprise Wi-Fi solution for higher education. Aerohive provides secure Wi-Fi for colleges and universities that is simple to install and easy to manage. If you are at the show, stop by Stand #C261 to meet our team and learn how Aerohive can deliver A+ Cloud Managed Wi-Fi with our innovative products and solutions. In a nutshell, it’s the best Wi-Fi solution for higher education.

Here are 5 reasons why primary/secondary and higher education institutions are choosing Aerohive:

#1 Increase capacity you need to scale as BYOD grows with 802.11ax (Wi-Fi6)

Aerohive was the first company to ship 802.11ax enterprise access points, one of our customers to benefit from this technology was actually Wellington College in the UK. You can find out why in our past 802.11ax blogs. What we want to discuss today is the how. With a lot of vendors, upgrading to 802.11ax – if they have it available– will require a significant investment in new onsite hardware controllers, data switches and maybe even the IDF power distribution. With Aerohive, you can mix and match 802.11ax access points with our 802.11ac access points. If you just want to upgrade areas like auditoriums and dining halls, Aerohive makes that as easy as possible. Thanks to our cloud-managed design, our 802.11ax APs can work right alongside our 802.11ac access points. We know that every environment has different requirements, so we don’t force you into a single access point. Even looking ahead, you’ll know you can upgrade access points on your schedule in the future.

#2 Manage and monitor your network for anywhere in the world with a Cloud Management solution

By choosing Aerohive as your partner for your college or university Wi-Fi and networking solution, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of modern enterprise Wi-Fi without the headaches. With Aerohive’s cloud-managed solutions, you’ll be able to deploy a single location as easy as a thousand locations. Aerohive’s HiveManager network management system allows you to manage and monitor your network anywhere in the world with little effort. Each access point works together to blanket your campus in reliable and robust Wi-Fi. One of the differences between Aerohive and other “cloud” solutions is the management aspect. While you do manage your network from a cloud-based system, the local network is not dependent on it. The design of our architecture brings all the benefits of the cloud (ease of access and deployment) without the downsides (Wi-Fi being dependent on third-party data center).

#3 Create a secure and reliable digital classroom with Network Access Control

IT departments in Higher Education are continually tasked with putting various types of devices on the network. Once these devices are authenticated, they continue to be security concerns due to unpatched software vulnerabilities and other associated malware. IT departments need a way to deal with this problem.

We offer Aerohive A3 to bring simplicity to onboarding, security, management and control to all devices (IoT devices, corporately owned, and BYOD). In ways that Aerohive does best, it includes easy to use workflows and a streamlined user interface. A3 is also vendor agnostic and fully supports Aerohive and non-Aerohive networks alike.

#4 Enable the most secure student, teacher, and guest access possible with Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK)

The most common type of authentication is for Wi-Fi PSK (Pre-Shared Key). This type of authentication is what most people use at home. The problem with PSK, while great at home, is it’s challenging to manage in the enterprise. If an employee leaves, you have to change the PSK, and then everyone has to update the passkey on all of their devices. If you have any IoT devices, you have to change every single one manually. With an Aerohive Wi-Fi network, there is a better way. It’s called Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK). PPSK is the perfect technology for when you need the simplicity of PSK with the unique access of 802.1X. We recently published a more in-depth blog on PPSK. In a nutshell, you can create thousands of PPSKs from the cloud and revoke them individually if needed.

#5 Provide seamless connectivity with a variety of access points at an affordable price

If you’re looking at high-density deployments with a desire to plan for the future, you’ll want to look at our 802.11ax APs. If you have a tough-to-wire location with existing cabling, you’ll want to check out the Atom AP30. We’ve got a number of 802.11ax, 802.11ac, and branch routing solutions to fit every use case. One of the benefits of Aerohive’s Wi-Fi solution is that you can mix and match access points with each other without issue. If you want to start with our AP250, but quickly decide you want to start deploying 802.11ax and our AP650, they can easily live alongside each other.

Another huge benefit for IT managers is you can selectively upgrade firmware on one single access point or groups of APs for testing purposes. Doing this will allow you to test each firmware in your environment before upgrading your entire network.

If you’re at Bett this week, we’d love to chat, so be sure to stop by Stand #C261 to meet our team! We’d love to talk about why Aerohive has the best Wi-Fi for higher education.

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