Enabling Our Partners is Our Priority: APAC 2019 Partner Summit


Last week, we hosted a partner summit for all our large and medium-sized partners and service providers in Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, held in Thailand. APAC 2019, which took place January 22 – 23 in Bangkok, was attended by Aerohive partners all across Asia-Pacific, including Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, the Philippines and India.

APAC Partner Summit Conference is Aerohive’s annual event to bring our partners and service providers together to share ideas, create value and new opportunities with access to Aerohive thought leaders, partner executive leadership, as well as all the sessions and information our partners need to succeed in selling Aerohive products and solutions.

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At the event, we shared our corporate strategy and roadmap of our products and features for 2019. We held training and information sessions on key components like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Full Stack SD-WAN solution, 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) access point portfolio, new Cloud Architecture, competitive overviews, and more.

Creating Greater Alignment Through Training:

Aerohive partners also participated in a two-day training session with David Coleman and received certifications after the APAC Partner Summit. By the end of the show, we heard great things from those that attended.

“Aerohive Network’s solutions and Wi-Fi portfolio has continually evolved and enhanced over the years,” said Vishwa Deepak, business unit head, Exclusive Network Sales, India Pvt. Ltd.
“We are excited about their innovative cloud management and artificial intelligence/machine learning capabilities, which complement our existing mobile solutions offering to our SMB and enterprise customers. Embarking on this partnership increases our product offerings and extends the commitment we made to our customers to bring them the best technology available in the market.”

“The APAC Partner Summit is an opportunity for us to reflect on the positive growth we have achieved this year and look forward to the mutual opportunities ahead of us,” said Ronen Cojocaru, vice president of sales, Asia-Pacific, Aerohive Networks. “Asia-Pacific is a region that is of strategic importance to us, and with the support of our partners, we have continued to build a strong presence across the various and diverse markets.”

Partners and distributors are a key part of our company, and we love spending time with them to help better understand our products so they can better serve their customers. By investing in them, we know our customers will ultimately better understand our products and underlying technology, and will be able to effectively leverage them as a business enablement tool.

Congratulations to Aerohive’s Partner Summit Award Recipients:

In an award ceremony on the final day, the following partners were recognized for their great work. Below are some pictures from the event as well.

Certified VAD 2019-2020:

  • Lotte Data Communication Company
  • Hana-IT, Inc.
  • IP-PBX Networking Co., Ltd
  • Westcon Solutions Pte Limited
  • Sanko Telecom Co., Ltd.
  • Nissho Electronics Corporation
  • Terilogy Co., Ltd.

2018 VAD of the Year:

  • Sanko Telecom Co. Ltd.
  • Hana-IT, Inc.

2018 Cloud Personality of the Year:

  • Lotte Data Communication Company

2018 Top VAR:


2018 VAR of the Year – Education:

  • Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.

2018 VAR of the Year – Enterprise:

  • NEC Networks and System Integration Corporation

2018 Rising Star:

  • Telecom Engineering Co., Ltd.

2018 Strategic VAR Award:

  • Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

2018 Most Valuable VAD:

  • Exclusive Networks Sales India Pvt. Ltd.

2018 Valuable Sales Achievement of the Year:

  • Toshikazu Tamada

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