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Priority Pass Benefits: New Offers to Improve Traveler Experience


Priority Pass benefits just got a major upgrade – members now have access to over 800 deal offers on airport activities.

New Year, new travel deals! Priority Pass recently unleashed a slew of new exclusive offers for its members, ranging from discounted meals to free gifts. The airport lounge network has long been celebrated for its flexibility and amenities, and the new Priority Pass benefits are consistent with the company’s dedication to traveler comfort. These deals are geared towards experience and turning the airport wait into an enjoyable leg of the journey.

“This is the latest of many digital features we’re introducing to meet the evolving needs of our Members.” – Christopher Evans, Joint CEO of Collinson, the operator of Priority Pass

What’s New?

Partnering with such airport brands as Duty Free America and XpresSpa, Priority Pass has expanded their offers beyond basic lounge amenities. The 800 new deals focus largely on luxury experiences, including food, shopping, spa visits, upgrades, and complimentary gifts. Through these custom offers, members are able to sample new experiences while waiting for their flight.

Priority Pass lounges are available worldwide, and their latest benefits boast an equally global reach. Nearly 150 airports in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific have been graced with these recent offers. Stay sharp as more Priority Pass benefits are rolled out at additional locations.

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Traveler Experience

Airports are notorious for their sky-high price tags on snacks, meals, souvenirs, and just about anything that’s available to buy past the security checkpoint. A study by Collinson Group confirmed these traveler concerns about airport spending, revealing that around 40% of passengers could be enticed to show up in advance if offered savings on dining and retail purchases.

These Priority Pass benefits will be helpful to passengers and airport retailers alike, both improving traveler experience and increasing sales. In time, long airport layovers or delayed flights may seem like less of a hassle as more opportunities become available to waiting passengers.

“This evolution is part of our commitment to be the go-to travel companion for travelers in the Americas and beyond, while also supporting the broader airport ecosystem.” – Sheryl Pflaum, Executive Vice-President, The Americas at Collinson, the operator of Priority Pass

How to Access

For starters, you do have to be a Priority Pass member to use their new deals. From there, the process is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Head over to the Priority Pass app or website and log in
  2. Filter by your location to see what’s available
  3. Choose a deal and click “Generate the Offer Code”
  4. Show your code when you make your transaction
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Images courtesy of Priority Pass

Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or a little of both, it’s important to have time to yourself along the way. Traveling and working can be stressful, and if you want to consume healthy airport food without spending a fortune or to focus on your wellness at an airport spa, then these new Priority Pass benefits might be just what you need.

If you’re already a Priority Pass member, we’d love to hear about what unique offers you’ve taken advantage of thanks to the recent changes. Let us know in the comments below!

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