The Coolest New Tech at NRF 2019? We Think it’s HiveManager Shortcuts


A decade ago, a retail IT team was in charge of things you typically think of when it comes to IT. They had to maintain servers, keep the POS system running, and secure the network. Retail has evolved drastically in the past few years. Shoppers aren’t just shopping online. They’re browsing online, visiting stores, searching for recommendations from friends, and they’re after the best experience. These changes have led IT teams to become more than just IT. They’re business enablement departments. They’re tasked with using IT technology to grow the business.

Increased network efficiency is just one of the ways Aerohive is helping retail IT teams. Modern retail IT networks have to work for the IT departments rather than causing them pain and headaches. That is why we have built HiveManager Shortcuts and AI-enabled cloud networking with Amazon Alexa. Our goal is to simplify how IT teams interact with their networks in a busy environment.

Our AI-driven HiveManager provides IT teams with a virtual assistant for some of their network administration tasks. Here are some HiveManager Shortcut specific request examples:

  • How is my network doing compared to others of similar size and configuration with respect to Client Health?
  • What are the hostnames of the top 5 busiest clients and their usage summary?
  • What are the Top 5 applications being used on the network and the bandwidth each of them has consumed in the last hour?

Let’s say that an IT technician is working in the warehouse of a large retail store. As they walk around checking on things, they can pull out their smartphone, open the Alexa app, and check on the status of their network. If they later get a text message about a PoS tablet not working, they can Ask Alexa about the status of that device. If they discover it’s online and working, they know the problem is elsewhere (perhaps with the PoS vendor). Rather than having to find a laptop, log into the network management system, find the device, and then begin to investigate – they can simply Ask Alexa. Through HiveManager Shortcuts with Amazon Alexa, we’ve taken a task that previously required multiple steps, and turned it into a simple voice command.

We invite you to learn more about our HiveManager Shortcuts Powered By Amazon Alexa Integration. Are you at NRF 2019? Schedule a meeting with our team (Booth #4636) to learn more about our retail IT solutions and receive a free Amazon Echo Dot! We think it’s the coolest new tech at NRF 2019!

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