Why Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) is a Simple and Scalable Way to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network


We know that our customers have different network requirements and need to support all different types of various devices. While devices like Mac and PC laptops work great with 802.1x, there are plenty of situations where IT managers don’t want to go through the process of deploying it. How can you have great enterprise Wi-Fi security without the hassle?

For IoT devices, they generally don’t even support 802.1X either. The most common type of authentication is PSK (Pre-Shared Key). This type of authentication is what most people use at home. The problem with PSK, while great at home, is it’s challenging to manage in the enterprise. If an employee leaves, you have to change the PSK, and then everyone will have to update the passkey on all of their devices. If you have any IoT devices, you’ll have to change every single one. With an Aerohive Wi-Fi network, there is a better way. It’s called Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK). PPSK is the perfect technology for when you need the simplicity of PSK with the unique access of 802.1X.

Here are five reasons why you should be using PPSK in your environment for enterprise Wi-Fi security.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Security That Is Simple to Deploy

Thousands of keys can easily be managed and distributed via the cloud, mobile applications, or self-registration.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Security That Is Simple to Secure

It’s more secure than PSK as employees can be limited to a set number of devices. When you use PPSK for your enterprise Wi-Fi security, you’ll keep employees from loading up the network with Wi-Fi photo frames or other non-approved devices. If you an employee gives out their password, it’s possible their devices won’t connect. When they file an IT trouble ticket, help desk technicians will discover other devices using their password and be able to take action.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Security That Is Simple to Use

It’s supported on most devices, where 802.1X may not. This will enable stronger security for IoT devices. When you choose PPSK for enterprise Wi-Fi security, you’ll get to avoid complex configuration for client access. It uses the same simplicity of PSK, making it ideal for IoT, BYOD, and guest deployments. End users will already be familiar entering in a PSK into their devices, so you’ll avoid a lot of IT trouble tickets when you deploy it. Most IoT devices don’t support 802.1X, so you’ll have a way to secure these devices (and revoke if needed). You can define which users, devices, and things can enter the network, then granularly control what they can do once connected. You can also assign VLAN, application access, firewall policies, and bandwidth thresholds per user or device group.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Security That Is Simple to Revoke

You can revoke access, for a single device or individual, without affecting everyone else. With PSK, revoking a single device would mean that an IT department would need to change the key for every device. This process could take days or even weeks depending on the size of the network. With PPSK, you’ll be done with just a few clicks.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Security That Is Simple to Manage

With PPSK, you can have visibility into which devices and users are on the network through HiveManager. Through HiveManager, you’ll have insights into the types of devices on the network with the ability to revoke keys or devices with ease. Aerohive’s PPSK gives you the ability to quickly onboard and identify devices, without security or complexity concerns. Aerohive’s PPSK technology makes enterprise Wi-Fi security simple, scalable, and work with almost any device.

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